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Update 23rd May 2022

How could layouts be determined? The example below is from the Computational design video, and uses 18 bricks, for a 4 person family, who are using the vehicle for a short, relaxed journey. The file name is:


18blk = number of blocks in design
4p = number of people using it
family = judgement of intimacy level1
play = judgement of activity2
no1 = specific design is assigned a number3

1Based on four imagined intimacy levels: Personal, Friends, Family or Public. This might determine the spacing between people, the angle they are facing, etc.

2Based on four imagined activity levels: Rest, Work, Play. This could further determine aspets of layout such as if there is a desk/table, seating relationships, etc)

3Once the design has been optimised by analysis - an endless list - e.g. sunlight or view analysis, and robotic assembly toolpaths have been created, then a number is assigned to the specific design, which could theoretoically run into infinity.

Development late 2019 - early 2022